Consulting Services

Executive Strategy Workshops

The Three-Horizons Workshop is an especially effective way to accelerate your strategy, focus your priorities, and ensure team alignment. We’ll define a future vision, fill your whiteboards and walls with opportunities that can help you achieve it, and then distill that into a crisp, strategic product and UX roadmap sequenced over three time horizons: now, next, and beyond.

Other workshop topics:

  • Prioritization based on relative value
  • Persona definition
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Vision definition
  • Value proposition

Digital Strategy Discovery and Leadership

Need to go beyond a workshop? In a 60-90 day jump-start engagement we’ll use workshops and in-depth conversations and collaboration to develop a comprehensive multi-year digital product and experience strategy aligned to your strategic plan.  

Want more extensive help getting a product or new line of business launched or re-invented? Through a 6-12 month pioneer engagement I will lead a team, develop a strategy, kick off an effort, build a talent plan, and get you on the road to product-market fit for a digital product and experience to win the market, delight your customers, and transform your business.

Executive consulting

I offer consulting on an hourly or daily basis with executive teams or other leaders who would benefit from an experienced outside point-of-view on digital product and user experience, especially in education, careers & workforce, and publishing.

Custom engagements

I’m available for independent projects on a case-by-case basis. These include heuristic analyses of digital products and websites, strategy reviews, vendor evaluations and recommendations, and speaking engagements.

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