About me

I’m a digital product management, user experience, and strategy executive and consultant. I have a long history of building and leading high-performing teams to produce innovative digital experiences, and of working with executive teams to accelerate their strategy and transform their business.

Who I work for: Solution Design Group (2020 – present)

In 2020, I joined the crack team of technologists and thinkers at Solution Design Group (SDG), an employee-owned Minneapolis-based strategy, product, and technology consultancy. Check us out at www.solutiondesign.com.

What I work on

I especially like big problems and big opportunities. Some of the most interesting opportunities I’ve tackled: How might we build a complete university campus experience for an entirely online school? Can we rethink the model of education and workforce development to build new pools of talent for employers? Could we totally reimagine the way that American high school students commemorate and share their experiences?

I’m also a total sucker for a world-changing mission. Organizations that want to make the world better and improve humanity’s lot are especially interesting partners.

My ideal engagement

My best match: working with executive teams to jump-start a digital product and user experience strategy to support your organization’s strategic plans. I’m open to the right kind of permanent leadership position, and I also offer a variety of services on a consulting basis, from workshops to extended strategy engagements.

I’ve worked with start-ups, legacy organizations eager to adapt to a digital future, non-profits, universities, and newspapers. I’m especially suited for organizations in education (both higher ed and K-12), workforce and career development, and publishing/media.

A hearty northerner

I’m based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (best place in the world, if you can handle the cold), but I’m available to work with leaders across the world.

One last thing

Oh, and it’s pronounced “SHUR-shlicked.”