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1990s: Enrolled in a PhD program in English at the University of Chicago. Earned a Master’s degree. Worked in bookstores. Needing income, and with foundational skills in writing, design, and technology, took a gig as a tech writer, which turned into a job in online software documentation. Discovered the web. Learned HTML, CSS, digital marketing, web graphics, and content management. Won some awards. Started managing people and teams. Never got the PhD.

2000-2005: My first digital product management gig, at the interactive media division of the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. Ran a few sections of a high profile local news site. Learned about managing large-scale content publishing problems, coordinating digital with print, building online communities, and balancing design, content, and business concerns to deliver world-class digital products.

2005-2012: An idyllic stretch in product and UX management for a leading online university, Capella University. Built an entire college campus experience on the Web. Launched mobile apps. Built and led teams of instructional designers, UX designers, product managers, online community managers. Learned about online learning, mobile apps, agile development, prototypes and MVPs, and cross-functional team leadership.

2012-2019: A series of executive and consulting roles in product management, user experience, and digital strategy. Served on executive leadership and founding teams for legacy brands and startups. Included a fascinating stint at GoKart Labs, a leading innovation consultancy. Learned about executive concerns: strategic planning, ROI, funding and budgeting, mission and vision, managing investors, and organizational design.

2020-Today: A proud employee-owner at Solution Design Group, a Minneapolis-based technology, product, and strategy consultancy. I am SDG’s Head of Product, and spend half my time consulting with clients and half my time building SDG’s own product team, practices, toolkit, and mindset. Learning every day about consulting, value, new industries, and building great teams, products, and businesses.